Asturias is possibly the best known region from the «Spanish Green Coast». That is because it is the greenest of all Spain, this northern Spain small region has almost 1% of all the world’s Biosphere Reserves! For such a tiny region of an small country that 1% means quite a lot.

Tourism have escaped this beautiful part of green Spain until recently and nowadays is not crowded at all. You can be in one of the most touristic attactions in the middle of August and the number of tourist is still very acceptable. Specially if you compare it with Barcelona or Madrid which is terrible! Probably you already know that!

Nature is the big thing in this region so tourists spread among the mountains, rivers and its long and superb coastline! Basically all Asturias is full of mountains. To give you an idea, the airport is about 50km from its capital city, Oviedo. Just because there is no space for a closer airport! That is why Asturias flight conexions with other countries and cities are not the best. Many tourist arrive to Bilbao (about two hours by car to get to Asturias) or Santander airport (about one hour to get to Asturias) and after enjoying other areas of northern Spain they get to Asturias.

Being a local, I born in its capital city, Oviedo. It is sometimes complicated to recommend to the tourist to visit one place or another. That is why is specially important to know the tastes and preferences of the customer. We have a limited time and we need to decide where to go, based on customer preferences, weather conditions, time of the year and many other variables. In my view that is the work of a good guide!

So…let’s say you only have two days to spend in Asturias. Where we can enjoy most Asturias? What to see and do?

Well, if you are enjoying good weather I would visit Llanes and Ribadesella. Have a quick tour visiting some of the most beautiful beaches and cliffs between these two mid size villages. Have lunch in a not very touristic small village and then head to the Picos de Europa Mountains.